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tv   Fox 35 News at 6  FOX  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a big mac made with 100% beef, flaky filet-o-fish, seared on the grill quarter pounder with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken mcnuggets for just $5 bucks. grab your crew today. hurry in and say - lemme get a mcpick 2 bada ba ba ba we have breaking news in orange county, a child in
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unresponsive in a canal. >> 5-year-old child was found near riverside elementary school. we have tracy out there live at the scene. she has the latest. >> reporter: yes, just an awful, awful situation really. according to the orange county sheriff's office they say the first report says he was five, he's 8-years-old. investigators are still out here. they're telling us this little boy was walking home from riverside elementary school and somehow they got on the other side of the fenced in canal. it is fenced in. it's county owned. it. but they ended up on the other side, and this one particular boy ended up in the canal. now, they're not sure how deep it is. they're still measuring but it's more than three feet. we're not sure how tall he was, if he could swim, if hedn't. all of these details they're trying to ascertain right now. what i can tell you for sure is that according to forge county sheriff's office one of the other little boys acted very
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out of the water, onto the embanksment and the other boy ran for help. heroes of sorts, if you will. and they got him to the hospital, where unfortunately, however, he is listed according orange county sheriff's office in very critical condition. so we did just a few moments ago speak to the mom of that little boy i'm talking about, the one who -- the little boy out of the water, very proud of her son, of course. he was the only one, according to that mom, that knew how to swim in that group. so as we learn more information, we, of course, will bring it to you. right now, really everyone keeping their fingers crossed that some more good news comes from the hospital but it's not looking that great right now for that 8-year-old little boy. >> thank you. police say this happened on granada boulevard. >> reporter: we just got an
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the accident that they say started in the parking lot of this store here behind me off of granada boulevard and lewis street. officers say this chevy blazer that you see being towed from the scene was driven by 29-year-old ashley wilson. they say wilson went inside the store, leaving her 3-year-old child in the car, unattended. at that point, they say the chevy blazer somehow shifted into reverse, backing out of the parking lot and onto west granada boulevard. they say the toddler somehow fell from the car and was injured. we're told that toddler was airlifted to halifax health as a trauma alert at this point, we don't know the child's condition. as soon as we learn any new details, we'll bring them to you. reporting from volucia county, tiffany teasely, fox 35 news. only on fox tonight, the father of a young man who was shot and killed while taking a shower is now speaking out.
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man's mother who fired the deadly shots. 59-year-old virginia or tighe an is charged with killing her son blake hall hallard. she also tried to kill herself. according to reports, ortega had been struggling with depression. valerie spoke with the victim's father. >> reporter: right now i am at orlando international airport. the father was very teary eyed as he arrived in florida. he's fromel an away. he says he plans to meet with investigators and family members as he mourns the loss of his son. >> i'm just -- just beside myself. >> reporter: he arrived to florida for his son's funeral. police say the boy was shot to death by his mother. charles says he found out what happened from another relative. >> when he told me he had to
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i couldn't believe it. and i had to sit down. i'm sorry. sort of comes and goes. >> reporter: this grief stricken father says he and mandy had been divorced for years but said she always had a huge attachment to her son. he says she took to toddler to the dominican republic without his permission. >> i know that when i talked to him, she would listen in on the other line. >> reporter: ortega's arrest report she told police she suffered from depression. she said this was an ugly world, and said he was unhappy with his job, but charles says his son looked forward to a good life. >> we spoke every sunday. i would call him or he would call me. he was always excited about things. he liked politics, and school thing was something that really he was looking forward to. he liked his job.
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college, blake liked his english class and wrote about becoming independent and one day having his own child. >> he thinks he wants to become independent. >> you just have to be on your watch. >> reporter: he says his son will always be a part of his life. >> i guess i don't have to -- if you have stuff that you love, do the best you can with it while you have it. that's my feelings. >> reporter: blake's funeral takes place tomorrow. live in orange county, fox 35 news. developing out of brevard county a police officer has shot and killed a man who came out of his home and was making threats and carrying a gun. >> tom johnson live from the scene with the latest. tom. >> reporter: well, palm bay
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clear the scene after being here all day. it happened right back there, about a block from the corner of mariposa drive and sheath avenue. in the end that man with the gun gave their officer no choice but to fire. the trouble started -- >> an individual threatening to shoot three other individuals who were doing construction at the home next door. >> reporter: that 39-year-old man went in the house and stayed there for about an hour and a half while officers tried to talk him out. >> he came in and out but when he came out for the final time, he was holding a handgun. and at that time we had one officer that fired his weapon and it did kill the suspect. >> we knew it was something serious, and never expecting, you know, what happened to happen. >> reporter: neighbors of course shocked it happened on an otherwise quiet normal day here
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>> i feel safe. they can snap, who knows, altercations, you know. >> police officer shot someone, you know, which is always tragic. >> reporter: the officer who fired that fatal shot is a eight year veteran of the palm bay police department. he's a patrol supervisor named corporal jason mccoy. he is on leave during the investigation by the florida department of law enforcement. police have not yet released the name of the man who died. live in palm bay, tom johnson, fox 35 news. a 8-year-old boy hit by a car while he was riding his bike. tomorrow mad glidewell was booked into the jail. he was given $15,000 bond. he was driving along alpine lane last thursday night when he hit that boy who was riding his bike. he asked if he should call 911
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he told police that he heard a bang but didn't know that he had hit the boy. police tonight say gladwell's hospital stay was unrelated to the crash. a man accused of shooting his son got into an argument with his son late this morning at a home on holly boulevard. right near deland. that's when the 58-year-old is accused of shooting his son. deputies found the younger man bleeding from the chest. he is being treated at the hospital in critical condition. father is in custody. and an arrest in the sooting near the florida mall comes nearly a month after the shooting happened. detectives arrested 20-year-old novel johnson today. he's charged with third degree felony murder with a firearm. on february fifth deputies found two gunshot victims in the j. c. penney parking lot. both victims died. ongoing. less than an hour until the first results start to come in on super tuesday.
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are in florida, awaiting the returns. we got team coverage from donald trump and marco rubio's event plus the latest attack including one's harsh words for the media. looks like great conditions the next several days, but two cold fronts in the forecast. more on those fronts coming up. the wheel of osama bill lad inrevealed. where he wanted all that money this one goes out to all the allergy muddlers. you know who you are. literally.
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you decide 2016, you know what today is? it's super tuesday. the polls are open, 12 states and wonder tory. >> after tonight the race for the white house will be a whole lot clearer.
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out and about up north. >> things are crowded on the gop side. still remains ted cruz casting his ballot in texas where he is expected to do well against donald trump. i think he's up like nine points. the field could soon be thinning out. dr. ben carson and ohio governor john kasich are each under 10% and not projected to fare well tonight. >> on the democratic side there are 865 delegates up for grabs tonight. so to get the nomination the candidate would need 200383 delegates in all. clinton is in the lead with 548, and sanders has just 87. on the republican side there are 595 delegates up for grabs. whoever gets the nomination has to get 1,237. despite trump's domination, the delegate count is still pretty
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trump has 82, cruz 1717 and rubio 16. kasich and carson have six and five. florida not one of the super tuesday states but two of the top republican candidates are in florida. >> mike synan is with one of them. he is in palm beach with the latest from the donald trump camp. >> reporter: we're here at the winter home in west palm beach. i want to give you a look at what kind of media circus we have on the hill here as we await donald trump's schedule for 9:00 press conference. mr. trump expected to win in ten of the 11 states that are up for grabs tonight for super tuesday. all except for basically texas, where ted cruz has been ahead in the polls. now, during the entire time cam hang has been taking shots at all of the rivals and even today took a shot at us the media the media is the most dishonest, the
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most -- it's true. it's true. they are the most dishonest people that you will deal with. >> i'm just trying to report in a honest way. i don't have any kind of agenda. trump will be in orlando saturday at noon. he's going to appear and speak at the cfc arena. in west palm beach, mike synan, fox 35 news. >> marco rubio is hoping for a big come back today. with 12 up for grab tonight the opportunity is there for him to make a major statement. live in miami where rubio supporters are hoping they have a lot to cheer about. how is the mood right now? >> reporter: well, you know, it's quiet here right now, but a marco rubio is billing this as his florida kickoff rally, so expecting to bring a lot of energy here. as far as super tuesday goes, he's been staying optimistic but
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fighting for second place and will move quickly past the super tuesday results and the big contest coming up here in florida, in just a couple of weeks. now if rubio continues the speaking points that we've seen him use throughout the day today, he will be keeping accusing donald trump of being a con man. today he reminded minnesota voters that trump is under investigation for fraud and his failure over the weekend to denounce the kkk. rubio called trump a threat to the republican party. >> my friends today the frontrunner, according to the national polls and the republican primary is someone who is preying on your anger and fear. there has never been in history a great movement that has been based on fear and anger. that never happened. >> reporter: as far as the polls
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double digit lead over marco rubio here in rubio's home state in the polls, so after tonight's contest rubio will have to turn the numbers around pretty quickly if he wants to do better here. reporting live in miami, dana jay, fox 35 news. >> you can get the latest results on also tune in tonight to hear what the candidates say gore themselves when the numbers come in. the will of osama bin laden has been released in a detail what the leader had planned for his $29 million in personal wealth. >> the will released today as part of more than 100 documents that were seized when he was killed in a raid at his compound. the will states osama bin laden planned to divide his fortune among his relatives but wanted most of i it given back to all al-qaeda. an elephant's wild rampage in india. the elephant was tethered to something as part of a festival
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it ended up destroying several cars. no one was hurt. happening now, the fourth try for a space-x rocket launch has been scrubbed. the launch was scrubbed on sunday, of course. high altitude wind shear is to blame today. winds were expected to get worse closer to the launch window. the company will attempt another launch friday, hopefully with better conditions. much. forecast right now, live radar is rain free, another beautiful day today. now another beautiful evening. 73 in daytona, 79 in clermont, 73 in gainesville. last night was a great time at this time of the night. winds currently coming up light out of the south, and southwest, and dew points are creeping up a little bit in response to the approaching cold front, right now back into the low 50s. yesterday we still had dew
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so again little more moiscing a little bit of haze in the atmosphere. 76 currently downtown. remember when the humidity is up makes it warmer at night, too. this morning we started out at 56. tonight we're going down to the low 60s, so about 5 degrees warmer. so it can be got even this time of year. warm weather expected through this upcoming weekend. there is two fronts on the i with a. both feeble cold fronts. they will be fading away and that means plenty of sunshine and very little if any rainfall across the state. in central florida not expecting any rain. 73 in miami, 72 in pensacola. up across ohio now changes over to heavy snow out through michigan. also extending towards toronto canada, the low is moving out to the due east.
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get weaker. it will produce a few clouds as we get through the day many to. that will be about it. here is the computer model showing the front at 10:00 in the morning. as we go through thursday it will clear it out completely. friday another cold front shows up, and again the next cold front on friday will be another feeble front with no rain with it, just a few clouds, and overall more great weather as we approach the upcoming weekend. looks good out there for tonight. low temperature down to about 61. tomorrow's high 82. nice day on thursday. few clouds on friday, and right now a fantastic weekend. gwyneth paltrow serious about divorcing chris martin. >> apparently chris martin can't be bothered. we're going to talk live with tmz why martin hasn't signed the
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gwyneth paltrow having a hard time getting a response to her divorce papers. her husband never responded to her filing and the judge is taking notice. maybe chris is confused. he got the divorce papers, maybe he's waiting for the conscious decoupling papers. >> yeah, he said this isn't what we agreed to. but he hasn't responded, and so when you file the complaint, you get a settlement going, chris never responded. the judge noticed that and is saying that she can get a default judgment if she wanted which means she is going to get whatever she initially filed for in the paperwork, and they would be divorced and done with. we're told that they have been getting along throughout the whole process and their business managers have been hashing out a private settlement. they got a lot of money and property and all sorts of stuff between the two of them, so apparently they are actively working on it.
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a little kick in the butt to get things going this will be finalized soon. >> certainly has seemed amicable up to this point. let's hope they get it resolved here amicably still. all right, good talking to you. weekend looks perfect.
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